Plush and Soft Wool Floor Rugs in Melbourne

Pamper yourself to soft and dense luxurious wool floor rugs in Melbourne from RugAdvice. Wool is the most common rug material, as it creates a sense of comfort and warmth. At RugAdvice, we have a vast collection of hand-picked wool floor rugs for sale in Melbourne. So, whether you choose a flat weave kilim rug or a handmade piled wool rug, you are sure to love the highest quality of craftsmanship and artistry by independent multi-generational artisans from the world over.

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All of our rugs in Melbourne showroom are wool rugs and have been chosen based on the quality of wool, the finesse of the weave and the patterns that make them unique. We have the most naturally soft feel underfoot wool floor rugs in Melbourne. You can choose from a wide range of traditional Persian or Turkish wool floor rugs for sale in Melbourne as well as Modern and one of a kind Vintage Rugs.

At RugAdvice, as a locally owned family business, we are the specialist direct importers of the finest wool rugs for sale from the world over. We wish to bring a taste of tradition, culture, and history of rug weaving centers to Melburnians’ homes and offices with our authentic handwoven wool floor rugs in Melbourne.

We believe the rugs choose the customers as much as the customer chooses the rug. To make that crucial decision of choosing “your wool rug” easier, we offer at-home trials for your chosen pieces to experience first-hand effect in your space. Our at-home trial service is exclusive to Melburnians.

We provide extended after-sales services like traditional rug wash in Melbourne carefully done by hand with organic detergent, rug underlay, repair and restoration of various rugs, including handmade rugs and wool floor rugs in Melbourne. You could even hire a rug for your special occasions.

We invite you to browse through our vast online gallery of the best and finest wool rugs in Melbourne and choose from our reasonably priced wool rugs for sale. Alternately, you can visit our store in Melbourne to experience our vast collection of wool rugs in Melbourne in person.

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    • Are wool rugs washable?

Yes, wood rugs are extremely durable and washable. Wool rugs in Melbourne are highly suited to everyday use and are suited for a home with kids. For professional rug wash please contact us.

    • Is a wool rug a good investment?

Wool rugs in Melbourne are a great investment. Handwoven, intricate designs and patterns filled Persian, Turkey, and other high craftsmanship wool rugs are a good investment; as they age, their value appreciates, and over a few decades, the rugs attain a vintage quality, and if maintained well for over a 100 years, a handwoven wool rug with natural dyes attain ‘antique’ status. Likewise, rugs age well and accrue value over the years.

    • How long should wool rugs last?

Wool rugs in Melbourne are extremely durable and last for a long time. You can expect wool rugs to last anywhere from five to 25 years, and some could go beyond 30 years. With proper care and maintenance you can pass on your wool rug to the next generation.