Tribal Azerbaijan Rug 3.15X2.2 m

Tribal Azerbaijan Rug 3.15 x 2.2 m


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Heriz and the surrounding villages are one of the most significant areas in the world of handwoven rugs. Heriz (located in Northwest Iran) rugs are very well appreciated in Western and American markets.

The featured rug is an authentic hand-knotted vintage Goravan rug from Azerbaijan province of Persia. The design features tribal and angular central medallion and four corners. The color palette on this gorgeous vintage consists of tomato red with contrasting beige and sky blue pattern. This vintage piece is extremely solid and would make a big statement in any interior.

  • Authentic Goravan Rug From North West Iran
  • Wool on Strong Cotton Foundation
  • She Measures 3.15 x 2.2 m
  • Warm Color Palette
  • Vegetable/ Natural Dyes
  • Thick and Solid
  • One of a Kind

Our Heriz Rug Collection consists of original vintage or antique pieces that are carefully handpicked in Iran to find their homes in Australia. Heriz rugs are ideal for Bohemian living areas, rustic farmhouses, or new county houses and will add history and charm to any living areas.

All of our vintage rugs are freshly washed and repaired in case it needs. Our vintage rugs are sustainable products as they are made of pure sheep wool and organic/vegetable dyes. There are color changes within the field called “Abrash” which comes from different batches of wool and organic dyes. This results in stunning stripes of different tones in one color.

The items that are on sale aren’t eligible for free shipping however, they can be picked up from our gallery in Fitzroy North.

Please request a Home Trial to view this beautiful piece in your own home. (If you reside in Melbourne)

This handwoven piece requires maintenance in order to last long. Please check our Handwoven Rug Care Instructions.

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