Traditional Rug Wash in Melbourne

Rugs are prone to becoming dirty and dusty and need a good rug wash that doesn’t hamper their weaves and the wool but help to increase their durability. At RugAdvice, your trusted rug shop melbourne we offer continued support to all our esteemed customers and other rug owners by providing the best traditional rug wash in Melbourne without using any harsh chemicals that might compromise the natural/organic dyes in the artistic rugs at genuine, honest prices.

Giving your handwoven (handmade) quality rugs and Persian Rugs Melbourne a deep and delicate hand rug wash in Melbourne once a year will protect them from dust and dirt while brightening the colours of the weave. The process also aids in the upkeep, maintenance and overall longevity of the rug’s life.

The traditional hand rug cleaning services we offer for our Melbourne clients is unparalleled in quality and care. For us, a rug is more than a piece of wool woven together. Our life stories are interwoven with them. That is why we take great pride and offer exceptional quality rug wash in Melbourne by skilled and trained hands who understand the significance of the rugs. When a rug is cleaned, surface filaments such as soil, sand and animal proteins are removed without diminishing the rug’s value.

Nuanced Rug Cleaning Services

At RugAdvice, we employ traditional washing methods for hand-knotted Persian Rugs, Afghan Rugs, Modern Rugs and Vintage Rugs , only using organic detergents targeting and removing dirt and stains, leaving your rug refreshed and revitalised.

Our professional rug cleaning services include:

● General rug wash in Melbourne (wool, silk, kilim)
● Stain removal/pet urine removal
● Anti-moth rug cleaning services
● A turnaround time of 7 to 14 days
● We offer a free pick up and drop off service to all locals.

To ask about our Oriental, Modern Rugs Melbourne and Rug Wash in Melbourne, email or text us a photo of your rug to provide you with a free quote for our exclusive rug cleaning services.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0423 871 209 for more info.


1) Why do I need to get my rug professionally cleaned?

Unlike carpets, rugs are made of wool, and they cannot take the heat of a steam cleaning. That is why rug stores like ours offer traditional rug wash and cleaning services in Melbourne. We do it by hand and use organic detergents to ensure that the rugs are not compromised. The size, the type of rug and the level of rug wash it demands determines the cost of cleaning. Simply email us the photo of your rug with measurement to get a free quote.