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Rug Advice is your authentic, go-to rug place. We provide durable rugs along with the best maintenance services available in Australia. RugAdvice offers premium-quality rugs for sale in Melbourne. A family-owned business spanning multiple generations, our roots belong to one of the most important commercial silk centres on the Silk Road – the Grand Bazaar of Tabriz in Iran.

Our family consists of rug traders and experts who have been managing this business for decades. We provide you with highly sustainable and ethical floor rugs in Melbourne. All our rugs are durable and stand the test of time perfectly. These beautiful rugs have amazing features and have been rated highly by experts throughout the world.

We also specialise in hand-woven Persian Rugs. Our rug store in Melbourne has many other authentic rugs from around the world – including Afghan Rugs, Kilim rugs, Gabbeh rugs and Moroccan rugs. RugAdvice also has a fine range of vintage, tribal & village, modern & transitional, fine & masterpiece, handmade, oriental and woollen rugs.

Along with our rug sale in Melbourne, we provide rug washing, repair and restoration services. We also provide rugs for rentals as well as home trials. Explore our complete range of rugs on our online store and visit our store for the best experience.

Some Amazing Reasons to Buy from our Rug Store

Know a store in Australia that can provide you with hand-knotted rugs weaved in Northeast Persia? RugAdvice can. Our rug shop in Melbourne provides beautiful rugs with amazing patterns, colours and styles. The designs have a superior finish and stunning borders that add to the luxurious look of your interiors.

The backgrounds and tones go well with different themes. The range available for rug sale in Melbourne is highly comfortable and elegant. These rugs trap dust, reduce allergies, reduce noise and keep your house warm during winter. Upgrade your home décor with graceful rugs that are easy to maintain from RugAdvice.

Our floor rugs in Melbourne also prevent damage from pet claws, furniture and sharp objects to the underlying surface. If you have any questions or queries related to rugs, feel free to reach out to us for expert guidance and unbiased advice.

Start Buying from RugAdvice Today

While we offer you the widest range of premium rugs in Australia, we also offer you a lot of flexibility in the way you want to use our rugs. With buying and rental options, our rug store in Melbourne lets you choose from a huge range of rugs for your next party or permanent interior makeover.

Rug Advice provides 100% naturally made and ethically produced and supplied rugs. Responsible customers also love the fact that they are supporting artisans employing 2,000-year-old traditional techniques. Our rug shop in Melbourne ensures a minimal environmental footprint by offering rugs coloured with organic dyes.

You don’t need to wait for the next rug sale in Melbourne, as Rug Advice always provides products and services at the best rates available in the market. Start buying now!

Professional Rug Wash in Melbourne

At Rug Advice, we don’t forget our customers after we’ve sold them our products. We instruct you with its care and maintenance and provide a wide range of after-sales floor rugs services in Melbourne. It includes special rug-washing services, rug underlay, along with repair and restoration services.

Hand washing a handwoven rug means protecting it from dust and dirt, brightening the colours of the weave. It also aids in the upkeep, maintenance and overall longevity of the rug’s life.

As one of the specialist rug stores in Melbourne, owning a vast selection of floor rugs for sale in Melbourne, we employ the traditional cleaning process. We only use organic detergents, targeting and removing dirt and stains, leaving your rug refreshed and revitalised.

Our Story

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Rug Advice is a family-owned business spanning across multi-generations of rug traders and experts.
We specialize in sourcing the best hand-woven rugs in this ancient-old tradition. Our carefully hand-picked collection ranges from oriental rugs to tribal rugs and non-mass-produced kilims, as well as contemporary designs sourced from all over the world.
Our collection also includes rare antique pieces for those seeking something more.
It is our personal mission to find you a piece of unique woven art that is one-of-a-kind, adding a touch of beauty to your space.

What our clients say about us

b d
b d
Recently purchased a beautiful vintage afghan rug from RugAdvice - Service was exceptional and their collection is sublime. Highly recommend!
Sarira F
Sarira F
So happy of my purchase from rugadvice, Vahid is so knowledgeable and informative, he helped me about the options which i had and as i am in NSW and no chance to go visit through the shop , by sending the videos of the different rugs helped me to chose what i liked , the service was given me was amazing and delivery was so fast . Beautiful Persian rug with its unique colors has made my home so beautiful.thanks Mr Yeganeh for your amazing customer service.
Arran Lang
Arran Lang
I didn’t think buying quality Persian rugs would be within our budget but Vahid and the team at Rug Advice made it possible. Prices were what I expected to pay for far lower quality rugs but we ended up with amazing rugs. There are so many to choose from and all with their own character. The team were great at listening to what we were after to provide options and we’re in love with our new rugs!
Federico Parma
Federico Parma
I got these beautiful handwoven persian wool socks which are perfect for winter! Thanks Vahid and Mana for the excellent help! The rugs here are amazing and the team is very professional and has incredible knowledge. They bring you the rugs you choose to try them on the spot and see how they go!
Anna Petrou
Anna Petrou
Beautiful quality rugs and helpful knowledgeable staff! Highly recommended 🙂
Garden Bimbo
Garden Bimbo
Bought a beautiful Persian rug. Pemra and Jeff expertly assisted us; both of them were friendly, deeply knowledgeable and helpful.
Shanelle Wijesuriya
Shanelle Wijesuriya
Thank you to RugAdvice for a beautiful high quality rug. Great customer service from the moment you walk in, a deep understanding of the quality and value of these rugs from different regions, and the very helpful service of bringing multiple rugs to your home to see what suits the space. The shop is full of beautiful rugs of varying prices and the people in the store take the time to listen to what you need and what would suit your living space to really bring warmth to the home. Thanks again!
Olivia Ruskin
Olivia Ruskin
We just bought a stunning rug from Rug Advice. We were incredibly impressed with Vahid's honesty and service. His knowledge and passion really made us feel comfortable with the purchase. Overall we had a great experience and would highly recommend Rug Advice.
Hugh Sanderson
Hugh Sanderson
Honestly, so happy we purchased our forever rug from Rug Advice. They came to our house and allowed us to sample some of the rugs we liked. They understood what we were after and offered great advice as to what colour and patterns would suit our space There’s is genuine passion and honesty behind the team, that made decisions making easy and stress free. I cannot recommend Rug Advice enough. The best around.
Jess O'Neill
Jess O'Neill
Incredibly happy with the service and the rug we bought from RugAdvice yesterday! For what we were looking for (2m x 3m vintage wool Persian rug) their range in-store was larger than I was able to find on the site, and they were so helpful in quickly narrowing down what we might like and finding it in the stacks to show us. After months of online and in-person searching other stores for a more sustainable option, our visit to RugAdvice was probably less than 10 minutes - the second rug they showed us was exactly what we had been looking for!

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