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Fine & Masterpiece Rugs

Looking for the most exclusive rugs to upgrade your home or office décor? With exquisite styles such as Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Qashqai and Kayseri rugs – RugAdvice offers you the most versatile range. Traditionally rich and handmade by native artisans, these rugs add to your style statement – giving your space an international look deeply rooted in culture.

Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz rugs are Persian classic rugs that have been hand-knotted in Tabriz – a city in Northwest Persia. Some common Tabriz rug designs have a central medallion along with beautiful borders. The designs are fine and unique – and the rug style can be used in virtually every room of your property.

Isfahan Rugs

Isfahan rugs are known for the way they use natural elements as part of their design. These beautiful rugs have elements such as flowers, butterflies and birds of different kinds and colours. Isfahan rugs have sophisticated borders – with fringes on both ends being common. These rugs can also be used as a collectable and for wall art.

Shiraz Rugs

RugAdvice has many attractive styles of Shiraz rugs. These authentic handwoven rugs have been made by tribal natives of Persia. Gabbeh rugs are quite popular and are sometimes referred to as thicker versions of Persian rugs. With coarser knots, these rugs are renowned for having stripes of different colour tones. The colour change (called ‘Abrash’) in Shiraz rugs is a result of varied batches of wool.

Qashqai Rugs

The Qashqai rug range is one of RugAdvice’s finest offerings. Hand-knotted by tribal natives from Persia, some common features of these rugs are abstract designs, geometric medallions and botanical motifs. Explore the complete range of Qashqai rugs on our online store. The highly intricate patterns are an art lover’s delight – which is what makes them ideal for bedrooms and living areas.

Kayseri Rugs

Our Kayseri rugs are authentic Turkish rugs with rich designs. With a history of several decades, these rugs teleport you to ancient times and are renowned for their natural beauty. Made of fine materials and organic dyes, we have a wide range of sizes for this rug style. Buy the best Kayseri rugs from the RugAdvice website today.

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RugAdvice’s range of fine and masterpiece rugs make your spaces stand out because of their unique look and superior quality. The fabrics as well as the dyes used in making these rugs are 100% organic.

Our team provides you with the best assistance and unbiased advice on rugs. Get expert guidance along with care instructions from RugAdvice. We also provide rug washing services to keep your rugs fresh and make them last long. Buy the best range of Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Qashqai and Kayseri rugs only from RugAdvice.

At RugAdvice, we take care of all our artisans and use the most sustainable procedures during manufacture and supply. Our range of rugs is environmentally friendly with a minimal impact on the planet. You can know more about each rug by viewing the product description.

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