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About Us

Located in the heart of Melbourne, RugAdvice is a family-owned business spanning across multi-generations of rug traders and experts.

We are a specialist direct importer continuing the ancient-old tradition of our forefathers when sourcing the best hand-woven rugs. Our carefully hand-picked collection ranges from vintage and oriental rugs sourced from Persia, Turkey and Afghanistan to tribal rugs and authentic, non-mass-produced kilims, as well as contemporary designs hailing from Morocco.

Our collection is expanding to also include rare antique pieces for those seeking something more.

It is our personal mission to find you a piece of unique woven art that is one-of-a-kind, adding a touch of beauty to your space.

From Tabriz to Melbourne

Our roots are firmly planted in the historic Grand Bazaar of Tabriz, Iran – a place of cultural exchange since antiquity and one of the most important commercial centres on the Silk Road.

Born as a rug-man, Vahid is a third-generation Persian rug specialist whose family owns and operates two stores in the historic precinct, serving as on-ground specialists sourcing and supplying rugs for our Melbourne showroom.

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Growing up in his father’s rug store in Tabriz, Vahid was imbued with centuries’ old knowledge of rug manufacture and care that has been passed down from his grandfather to his father and then to him. Through this oral and hands-on knowledge sharing, Vahid has gained a lifetime of experience, making him one of the leading authorities on rug acquisition, manufacture, supply and care.

The business welcomed Vahid’s wife, Mana, who is a qualified visual artist.

Mana lends her creative knowledge and love of art to the showroom experience, helping the team collaborate with designers to offer the best range of woven crafts and services to all customers.

Following their life’s passion for creativity, intricately hand-woven craft pieces, keen eye for design and connecting the right rug with the right owner, led the couple to build a career in the industry and establish RugAdvice – their Melbourne-based showroom.

Natural, ethical, sustainable, durable

Known for their beauty, amazing quality and durability, hand-woven Persian rugs have long been revered by antiquities experts and amateur enthusiasts alike. They are a vital and significant part of our culture, and we take great strides to share our passion and instruct our customers in the history behind each hand-selected piece.

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We pride ourselves on our ethically produced and supplied rugs that are 100% naturally made, thus guaranteeing our customers that they are not only purchasing an authentic rug, but that their purchase also supports artisans working using traditional techniques that are more than 2,000 years old.

All our products are sustainable and are produced using materials that are predominantly coloured by means of organic dyes, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

We only support Fair Trade practices, guaranteeing that all our products are sourced solely from artisan and ethical producers.

From our space to yours

We strongly adhere to the tradition that the customer selects the rug, as much as the rug selects the customer. With this in mind, we offer a unique option of home trials for our Melbourne clients prior to purchase.

Open 7 days a week, our team is available at our Fitzroy showroom for instore purchases and to arrange home trials or to provide rug advice.

Our care for our products and rugs does not end with the purchase. We are renown for our rug washing services using traditional methods, and our repair and restoration of hand-woven rugs.