Curated Collection of Vintage Rugs

If you wonder – what makes a rug vintage? Its age is a huge decider. Any handwoven rugs with original natural dyes that are 40-80 years old are considered vintage rugs. Vintage or rugs in Melbourne have a certain charm and character, and their inclusion in any space is sure to elevate the space’s energy and vibrancy. They are a popular choice amongst new-age interior designers who choose retro items to spruce up contemporary homes.

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At RugAdvice, we have an exclusive collection of carefully selected vintage rugs and rugs in Melbourne. All our vintage rugs for sale are handpicked in Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan. They are all freshly washed and repaired if it needs to be while keeping their ‘vintage’ quotient intact.

Our vintage rugs for sale in Melbourne are sustainable products as they are made of pure wool and organic/vegetable dyes, hand-woven with tribal and folk motifs. There are colour changes within the field called “Abrash”, which comes from different batches of wool and organic dyes. This results in stunning stripes of different tones in one colour and makes vintage rugs’ uniqueness.

As third-generation rug suppliers in Melbourne, we are always expanding on our collection and seeing a renewed interest amongst customers for traditional vintage rugs in Melbourne. Whether you love owning a Persian vintage rug or a vintage kilim rug with time softened patina, you’re sure to find one in our unrivalled collection of vintage rugs for sale in Melbourne.

Vintage rugs in our collection are in great condition based on their age. Signs of wear are to be expected and it’s their unique charm. Vintage rugs are ideal for Bohemian living areas, rustic farmhouses or new county houses and will add history for any living area.

RugAdvice is the home to intricate handwoven Vintage Rugs. Our certificate of authenticity coupled with our third-generation family business tradition will satisfy all our customers searching to find original and authentic Vintage rugs in Melbourne.

If you are looking for something more special than a vintage rug, you may enjoy our Antique Rug Collection, for collectible room size or small antique rugs as wall hanging. We consider 80 plus year old rug as Antique pieces. Antique Rugs in Melbourne carry collectible value and therefore they are considered as investment.

Browse our Vintage Rug Collection online or visit our store in Melbourne to experience our rugs personally.

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    • What makes a rug vintage?

The age of the rug makes it Vintage. When a rug is more than 40 years old and still has service life left, it can be considered a Vintage rug while antique refers to any rug that is more than 80 years old.

    • How can you tell if a vintage Persian rug is real?

A vintage Persian rug is foremost a hand-woven loom rugs made in Iran. They’ll be inherent imperfections as they are handmade, and designs will be the same on the back and front sides. They have original fringes as their foundation. Machine-made rugs will have mesh sort of protection on the underside. Plus, hand-spun wool and natural dyes are a clear marker of vintage Persian rugs.