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Vintage Rugs in Australia

Are you one of those people who always desired to have a vintage look for your home, office or showroom? Well, the good news is that it is more than possible now with RugAdvice’s gorgeous range of vintage rugs in Australia. These rugs add a regal touch to your interiors and make your property classier.

With amazing designs, our vintage Persian rugs have been handwoven by native artisans – following 2,000-year-old practices. These rugs beautify your home in the most natural way. Highly durable and long-lasting, these rugs have been manufactured using sustainable methods. They add warmth to your home and protect your floor from damage.

We also have a range of vintage Heriz rugs that are beautiful and functional. Hand-knotted decades ago, these rugs have stood the test of time and only get better with the passage of it. Add character to your space with rugs that are the best in the market.

We have a wide range of antique rugs in Sydney available in a wide range of sizes and styles. We use organic dyes and fine materials to increase the life of our handmade rugs. Get the best oriental designs for your interiors. Explore our online range and start buying today.

Antique Rugs for Sale Online

RugAdvice provides antique rugs in Sydney that are attractive. Made using fine variants of wool and other material, our rugs are ready to use. We regularly wash the rugs till the time you buy them and the aged look adds to their charm.

Some of the unique features of our vintage rugs in Australia are the stunning borders, soft pile, bright colours, unique highlights, and solid foundation. These rugs are ideal for all kinds of interiors. If you need assistance with respect to your existing home décor, our team of experts helps you with unbiased advice.

Get creative and artistic with vintage Persian rugs that upgrade your interiors naturally. Warm and cosy, they surely add the touch of elegance your residential and commercial spaces need. Whether you need to decorate the gallery of your home or museum, this range is ideal for you.

Know More About our Vintage Rugs

You can find out more information about our vintage Heriz rugs through our website by exploring individual product pages. Many of our rugs are available for sale at attractive prices. With guaranteed long life, these rugs won’t require replacement anytime soon.

Get solid antique rugs in Sydney from RugAdvice. We have unique patterns, backgrounds and finishes available to suit your style preferences. Handwoven by expert artisans, the patterns are unique and rare. Most of our artisans are based in Iran, which gives the rugs a native and authentic touch.

Buy the best antique rugs in Australia from RugAdvice today. We keep updating our range which is available on our website and in our store. Visit our contact page to know about our store timings, location and buying options. Get in touch if you need any help or guidance on antique rugs.