Authentic Traditional Persian Rugs in Melbourne

RugAdvice is your direct route to authentic Persian rugs from four corners of Iran when you wish to invest in authentic rugs in Melbourne. Unrivalled designs, colours and patterns, we are specialists in Persian floor rugs in Melbourne.

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Having our roots in Iran and being a third-generation rug merchant, we welcome you to browse through our one of a kind authentic handmade rugs in our online Persian Rug gallery in Melbourne. Our Persian rug collection is available online and in-store at RugAdvice. Our rugs are a rich tapestry of ancient craftsmanship of intricate designs and vibrant and meaningful patterns woven together with history and culture. When you take home either a Fine Persian Rug or Vintage Persian Rug you will be taking home a piece of that history and culture.

Unrivalled Persian Rugs Online Collection

Our modern and traditional Persian rugs collection is handpicked in Iran to dress up your homes wherever you are. Persian rugs are standalone works of art that can be incorporated with contemporary themed decors. Lay it out on the floor and it instantly becomes the centerpiece of any space.

Persian rugs online collection at RugAdvice provides you with the opportunity to shop rugs from Shiraz, Tabriz, Kashan, Bidjar and other weaving centers of Iran from the convenience of your home. Alternatively, visit our rug shop in Fitzroy North, and we will take you on tour through our timeless woven art. Our Persian rugs for sale in Melbourne are steeped in tradition and are crafted by the finest.

We take pride in connecting collectors and avid fans of handmade rugs with authentic, traditional Persian rugs in Melbourne. Our customers have come to trust our authenticity. We strive to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction with our Persian rugs, both online and in-store, and with our unparalleled services.

RugAdvice is the rug shop to go to for many discerning collectors, rug buyers and other leading interior designers in Australia when you need a Persian rug in Melbourne. If you are located outside of Melbourne, browse our Persian Rug Online Shop for one of a kind handmade rugs. We offer free delivery Australia wide.

We wish to make your buying experience cherished and pleasurable, and at-home trials are sure to remove any doubts before you make the final decision. This service is only for Melburnians.

Through our gallery, you can explore our vast curated collection of Persian rugs for sale online in Melbourne.

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