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Persian Rugs for Sale Melbourne

Whether you are looking for big or small Persian rugs, Rug Advice has all your requirements covered. We provide you with vintage Persian rugs, handwoven in Persia. With spectacular designs, stunning borders and unique patterns – our rugs are the best in Australia. We have exquisite rugs for your bedroom, living room and all other parts of your house.

Our handmade Persian rugs are available in a wide range of colours and sizes. The rugs are available in unicolour as well as multi-coloured designs. RugAdvice uses rich materials to provide you with ultimate comfort. These rugs reduce noise and provide you with adequate warmth during winter.

If you are looking for Persian rugs online with a strong foundation, you should only count on our store. We use the most natural vegetable and organic dyes to add lovely colours to your interiors. Explore our online range and start buying from us today.

The Best Handmade Persian Rugs Available Online

The reason most customers prefer Rug Advice for Persian carpets in Melbourne is the wide variety in their rug range. We have Persian rugs available in multiple sizes and colour options. With unique looks, distinct patterns and nature-resembling colours – these rugs easily attract the attention of your visitors.

If you need a large Persian rug for your dining space or drawing room, we have multiple options. Our classic designs are ideal for large spaces. They are aesthetically appealing and protect your floors from damage. The artisans involved with the manufacture of these rugs are skilled and provide great craftsmanship.

Rug Advice also provides rugs with fringes. We regularly wash and maintain our rugs before you buy them. We also provide rug maintenance services in case you need them. Visit RugAdvice’s online store for Persian rugs for sale in Melbourne.

Buy Persian Rugs only from the Best

If you want to buy authentic rugs, you can only depend on a store that manufactures these rugs themselves. Rug Advice has weavers that use 2,000-year-old traditional practices to manufacture rugs. Our artisans provide you with hand-knotted rugs available in excellent condition. We also provide small Persian rugs for the more contained spaces in your house.

Get classically designed rugs made from the finest materials. Rug Advice prides itself on providing the most authentic and one-of-a-kind rugs. Our rugs are available in all sizes. RugAdvice’s rugs are made from naturally-sourced dyes and are more sustainable than ordinary rugs.

These handmade Persian rugs are less allergic and less flammable than synthetic rugs. We provide the most versatile and functional range of rugs that are highly authentic and comfortable. These rugs are a great investment as they last a lifetime. Our rugs are also affordably priced.

You can always count on our seamless customer service in case of any requirement. If you want any assistance related to Persian rugs online, just contact Rug Advice. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts will provide you with unbiased advice and expert guidance.

Start buying our handmade Persian rugs online today and upgrade your interior décor like never before.