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Handmade Modern Rugs in Melbourne

A major reason purists love rugs is the legacy they carry. Rich in tradition, most classic rugs speak volumes about their place of origin, the artisans, their practices and the culture of the times they originated in. But won’t it be fun if the same rugs were modern and contemporary? Transitional rugs are exactly that - a perfect mix of traditional and modern.

RugAdvice presents an exquisite range of transitional and modern rugs online. These rugs attract people of all age groups and are in trend with the latest design styles. We provide our customers with handmade modern rugs made by native artisans. The rugs are beautiful and durable.

Handmade in our workshops in Persia, our transitional rugs are inspired by antique kilim styles and nature. These rugs are a perfect addition to contemporary décor settings. We use fine materials including high-quality wool to provide you with adequate warmth.

The dyes used to colour are rugs are natural and organic. These modern rugs are handmade in Persia. The designs are unique, with a perfect blend of colours and modern patterns. We also have unique options with minimal design.

Transitional Rugs for Sale Online in Australia

One of our unique transitional rug designs is a classical Persian rug that includes a traditional central medallion. With modern colours and floral borders, this design goes well with commercial settings as well.

We also have thick Persian Gabbeh handwoven rugs made by tribal people from Fars in Persia. These thick modern rugs online are made of hand-spun wool and have coarser knots. They help keep the floors warm and reduce surrounding noise levels.

Our handmade modern rugs are highly aesthetic and suit the preferences of most customers. With a wide range to choose from, you never really run out of options. The transitional rugs combine the past and present perfectly – to give a new life to your living and working space. Create a great balance between class and modernity with our amazing range of rugs.

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RugAdvice’s range of modern rugs online is easy to maintain and manage. We provide you with the perfect guidance for maintenance and also offer you rug-washing services to keep your rugs intact. Keep your rugs free from allergies and warm your spaces better with a wide range of transitional rugs from RugAdvice.

Our handmade modern rugs add adequate comfort and anchor your furniture. If you have kids or pets at home, these rugs will perfectly protect your floors from damage. Upgrade your lifestyle with modern rugs that add the right amount of charm and appeal to your living and workspace.

We have the best range of modern rugs available online. Our rugs are available at highly affordable prices that are the lowest in the market. Start buying beautiful transitional rugs from our online store today. You can also visit our physical store and see the designs yourself. In case you need any assistance, feel free to get in touch with our staff.