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Repair and Restoration

Rug Advice offers professional rug repairs and restorations. Our rug repairs help extend the life of your rugs. We strive for perfection and aim to recover the appearance of your rugs through our efforts. Our trained and highly motivated team efficiently removes the stains that spoil the appearance of your rugs.


Rugs Restoration Service

Since opening our Melbourne store, we have had hundreds of satisfied customers that have called upon our repair and traditional rug wash services. By preventing fraying, we provide natural ways to restore the strength of your rug. Contact us for the best rug repairs in Melbourne to save time and money.

Our service consists of:

  • Professional rug cleaning
  • Professional rug repairs
  • Restoration
  • New fringing
  • New sides
  • Colour running repairs

We only use age-old traditional techniques to care, restore and maintain all rugs – no matter how big or small.

Get the Best Rug Cleaning and Restoration Services in Melbourne.

Rug Advice’s rug restoration helps prevent deterioration or any further damage to your rug. The natural aesthetics of your rugs are maintained to increase their appeal and authenticity.

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