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Antique Rugs in Melbourne

Antique rugs make for the perfect setting. Rich in tradition and culturally enlightening, these rugs go well with modern as well as classical interior decor. RugAdvice has a wide range of antique Persian rugs handcrafted by native artisans using 2,000-year-old practices. With a solid structure and soft texture, these rugs are perfect for keeping your floors warm in cold weather.

RugAdvice has the most magnificent range of antique tribal rugs with rich cultural references. These rugs are great for houses, offices and showrooms. Our collection is manufactured and supplied in a sustainable way to ensure minimal impact on the environment. The designs are highly fashionable and the rugs are affordable.

Some of our unique antique rugs in Melbourne include romantic styles inspired by French tapestry. Many of our finely woven rugs are decades old and contain intricate patterns. Our rugs are made of rich material and are available in a wide range of sizes.

If you love collectables, these antique Persian rugs are the ideal choice for your vintage collection. Available in great condition, these rugs add a regal and classy look to your property. Explore our amazing range and start buying from our website right now.

Some Amazing Features of our Antique Rugs

The fine details and intricacy of our designs have impressed customers and rug experts all around the world. Some unique features of our antique tribal rugs are rich colour palettes with contrasting colour combinations. Natural elements such as gardens, birds and flowers.

Our antique Persian rugs are a great investment for those who love Persian art. These long-lasting rugs have true colours derived from organic dyes. Made from 100% wool, these rugs are warm and cosy. Our rugs are constantly washed and available in great condition for our buyers. We also provide rug-washing services to facilitate maintenance for busy individuals.

Other features of our antique rugs are full piles and fringes on both ends. All these features make these rugs stand out from other similar items available in the market today. If you can’t find the ideal option, we help you find the right rug. We constantly update our stock to provide you with the latest designs. Shop now!

Contact Us for Antique Rug Advice

If you need unbiased advice and expert guidance with respect to antique Persian rugs, our staff is there to help you. Our team consists of highly knowledgeable and friendly experts who are there for you at every stage of the transaction. We also take great care of our artisans contributing to our collection at our workshops in Asia.

Our antique rugs in Melbourne feature unique designs such as Mehrab designs with brick-coloured borders. Calligraphy is another rare feature of some of our rugs. The more you explore our range, you will find amazing features. Detailed product details are also available on our website.

Shop from our website and do pay a visit to our store to experience the grandeur on your own. Contact us today to know more about our collection.