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Rug Underlay

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Rug Advice anti-slip underlay is your rug’s best companion!

If your rugs and runners are moving around too much and creating potential hazards in your house, using an underlay will reduce the risk of slipping, it will also make vacuuming much easier! The underlay material we supply is a felt-like, padded fabric that is specifically produced for use with rugs.

This top quality underlay will provide protection for both your rugs and floors.
We recommend placing an underlay especially for rugs with low piles such as kilims, antique or very fine handmade rugs to stabilize their movement on the floor.

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Underlay for runners generally is a good idea too; since hallways are high traffic areas.
Our underlay can be used on all floor types including floorboards, tiles, carpeted and concrete floors.
Your underlay order might come in two pieces. You can also trim it if you would like to make it shorter.
We recommend that you order your underlay 3-5 cm shorter than the size of your rug. It is suitable for 30°C machine wash and only line drying.

The underlay orders are not refundable as your order will be cut based on your specific size.

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