Rug Advice

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What are the rugs made from?

The majority of our Oriental rugs are made from wool.

Some of our most luxury rugs are made from pure silk.

We do have Wool and Silk rugs as well.

We do not trade Synthetic yarn such as polypropylene, Acrylic etc.

The Moroccan Berber Beni Ourien rugs are made from 100% wool.

What are Berber Beni Ourain rugs?

Berber Beni Ourien rugs are traditional Moroccan rugs, woven by the Berber tribes, sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Do you supply underlay?

Yes we can supply you underlay in any sizes for more info please contact us.

Can rugs damage a hardwood floor?

As rugs are made by natural fiber Wool, they don’t damage hardwood floors. Rugs can protect hardwood floor.

Can I wash my rug?

A simple answer would be No

Washing Handwoven rugs are following knowledge and experience to keep the colors steady and protecting the rug from color run.

For more info about how to wash your rug please visit our wash and repair page.