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Afghan Rugs in Melbourne

Getting authentic Afghan rugs is not always easy. Thankfully, RugAdvice has changed things by supplying Australians with premium-quality Afghan rugs. These rugs have a soft pile along with breathtaking designs and stunning colours. Our range contains exquisite handmade rugs for your dining room as well as the living room.

Our range of Afghan rugs in Melbourne adds quality to your lifestyle. These highly comfortable rugs provide you with adequate warmth and reduce surrounding noise. Many of our rugs are handwoven in Afghanistan and come with geometric patterns. We have rugs of all sizes and provide you with a range of materials and colours.

RugAdvice provides vintage Afghan rugs from rich communities such as the Turkman Tribes. Our range includes decades-old rugs with a soft texture and a solid foundation. If you need any assistance related to rugs, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Some Amazing Features of our Afghan Rugs

RugAdvice offers you the most authentic Afghan rugs in Melbourne. Some unique features of our rugs include embroidered stripe kilims attached to the fringes and patterns with stunning borders. We have bright and attractive colours for our rugs. Some of our rugs are decades old, yet we maintain them to make their condition as good as new.

Some more unique features are:

  • Zigzag designs
  • Undyed wool on cotton foundation
  • Organic dyes
  • Scandinavian designs

Our Afghan rugs in Melbourne are among our best offerings. The entire range has been handpicked by experts, and we keep updating our stock. While the rugs are deeply rooted in tradition, they are quite modern and functional. They provide you with adequate warmth, allergy reduction and noise reduction.

The Afghan rug range is ideal for all rooms of your home. They are perfect for minimal interiors as they are capable enough of setting the theme of your home themselves.

Buy Afghan Rugs from the Experts

RugAdvice provides traditional Afghan rugs that have been handwoven. Made by expert weavers in Afghanistan, these beautiful rugs are the epitome of craft and artistry. We use 100% natural organic vegetable dyes to colour these exquisite rugs made of the finest materials.

The unique designs include wonderful patterns along with elements such as stripes and medallions. The colours are eye-catching and unique, while the backgrounds are contrasting. Our range of Afghan rugs in Melbourne is highly cost-effective and complements contemporary houses quite well.

If you want Afghan rugs of desired sizes, you will find them all on our online store. Renowned the world over for its versatility, our range is rated quite highly by Australians as well. This unique work of art is exclusively brought to you by RugAdvice.

Upgrade your lifestyle and improve your home décor with the best range of Afghan rugs available in Australia. Enjoy the warmth of comfortable rugs that are easy to maintain. RugAdvice also provides rug washing and rental services for your convenience.

Get Afghan rugs that your visitors will absolutely love by exploring our online range and start buying now.