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Gabbeh Rugs in Australia

RugAdvice brings you the best Gabbeh rugs. These traditional rugs are aesthetically pleasing, durable and sturdy. Made of pure wool and organic vegetable dyes, the range includes rugs that were made decades ago. The design is one of the most important aspects of these rugs. The symbolic essence of these rugs is quite high.

We are the most reliable producer and supplier of Gabbeh rugs in Australia. These rugs are available in various colours. The designs are loved by children and adults alike. The rugs are really warm – thanks to the purity of wool and other materials used to manufacture them.

Our range of Gabbeh rugs is highly sustainable – as we use environmentally-responsible procedures to manufacture and supply rugs. The foundation of these rugs is strong and the texture is soft. With lovely animal designs and unique patterns, our range is rare and highly attractive.

Get RugAdvice’s Gabbeh rugs in Australia to impress your visitors. ‘Gabbeh’ means raw and uncut. Just like their original meaning, Gabbeh rugs are natural, raw and untampered.

Besides residential use, these rugs are also ideal for offices, showrooms and retail centres. Buy our rugs online or visit our store to see more options.

A Wide Range of Unique Design Styles in Gabbeh Rugs

Yet another unique feature of our Gabbeh rugs is the amalgamation of beauty with simplicity. Using natural elements such as trees and plants as part of our design, the look is extremely beautiful and eye-catching. Highly accurate and sometimes abstract, the colours are flawlessly spread on the canvas of the rug.

Another example is the minimalistic borders. There is a contrast between the colours of the borders and the background. An expert team handpicks RugAdvice’s Gabbeh rugs in Australia so that you never run out of beautiful options.

Native groups such as people of the Qashqai tribes and the nomadic people of the Zagros Mountains put in their hard work to manufacture our Gabbeh rugs. They use nature-resembling colour schemes that are vivid and bright. The final look is as modern as it is traditional.

Buy the Best Gabbeh Rugs from RugAdvice

You can always rely on RugAdvice to provide authentic Gabbeh rugs because of our credibility. A family-owned business that has spanned generations, we are originally from Iran and have spent all our lives studying and mastering the tradition. Our passion for rug manufacturing makes us the leader in the market throughout Australia.

Our range of Gabbeh rugs in Australia is solid and sturdy. All our rugs are quality-checked and regularly washed before they get to you. Known for their longevity, these rugs are made using natural materials. The designs are simple yet elegant. But it is this simplicity that makes them stand out and emerge a winner in today’s highly cluttered ecosystem.

Start buying from our website today and pay us a visit to know more about the rich legacy of our business. Feel free to contact the RugAdvice team for expert guidance and unbiased advice on Gabbeh rugs.