Persian Gabbeh rugs are authentic handwoven rugs mainly made by Qashqai tribe in Fars province of Persia. Being made of Hand Spun Wool and coarser knots Gabbeh is extremely thicker version of a Persian Rug.

Persian Gabbeh Rugs are characterized by abstract and geometric design on open fields of color and primitive motifs. Color is a fundamental element in design of Gabbeh rug therefore it is suitable for Modern interior. Colors used in Gabbeh rugs are all organic/vegetable dyes.

Gabbeh Rug tells the story of the weavers in form of color and decorative objects like animal and human figures in everyday life. These imaginative pieces of floor art could add joy to any interior. As the nature of Gabbeh rug is extremely thick and soft it could be a perfect choice for kids room.

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