Rug Advice

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It’s time to RUG UP!

We believe that nothing will make you feel cosy at home than a handwoven rug. Having soft texture all around the home and especially in main areas not only will add aesthetic to your space but also it will keep your space warm. A handwoven wool rug with a medium pile will act as an insulator and won’t let the heat to escape through floorboards.

When the weather is cold and cloudy, it is time to add some warm colour palette to your home. If you haven’t splashed your space with some reds and coppers yet, go for it now.

If you’re living in an apartment with white walls and grey furniture, use a coloured rug for instant energy lift and for creating the welcoming feel in your family room. Rugs with warm colour palette like Heriz rug or Turkman rugs are what you need when the weather is cold. Turkman rugs are mostly madder red and burgundy colour with decorative borders. In the centre, they have repeated geometric pattern called Gol.

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