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Rugs for Sale Online Ivanhoe

Want to protect your hardwood flooring? RugAdvice can help. We offer a wide range of rugs in Ivanhoe at competitive prices. Our rugs will surely transform your old, worn-off floors with their stunning design and patterns. Whether you need a hallway runner or a bedroom rug, we’ve got you covered.

RugAdvice provides an exquisite range of rugs in Ivanhoe to suit your needs. We also provide rugs for your living room. All our rugs are comfortable and reduce surrounding noise effectively. We have a range of traditional, modern and transitional designs – to suit the preferences of all kinds of customers.

When renovating your home, you must take care of your expensive floors. By adding our high-quality rugs, you can find newer ways to be creative and experiment with the latest home décor styling options. Our rugs in Ivanhoe instantly illuminate the space and make it more inviting. You can choose a different rug for each room and customise the look of your home.

Our rugs in Ivanhoe are easy to maintain. We also provide rug washing and rental services. If you need rugs for the outdoor portions of your house, we have several options for that as well.


RugAdvice provides the finest handmade Persian rugs in Ivanhoe. All these rugs are designed by artisans following traditional practices. The result is durable and elegant rugs with amazing colours and designs.


Still, searching for the trendiest rugs in Ivanhoe? Let the team at RugAdvice assist you. We are the leading suppliers of top-notch rugs made from premium quality materials located in Fitzroy North. We strive to deliver the best products at great prices without compromising on quality.

Our rugs offer numerous benefits to homeowners; they provide both practical and aesthetical solutions within your budget range.


  • Brightens up the space instantly
  • Creates a unified look
  • Protects hardwood and tile flooring
  • Extremely resilient and hardwearing

Need help in choosing the right rugs in Ivanhoe? Our team is here to make your shopping experience great.

For product-related suggestions, give us a call on (03) 9995 0290 or write to us at You can consult with our experts to make a well-informed purchasing decision.