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Rugs are among the essential features of home interiors. They create a warm and inviting space and limit noise when the floors receive foot traffic. Made with durable materials, rugs effectively limit friction and protects your expensive hardwood floors. Whether your objective is to improve the aesthetics of your home or you want to add more value to your property, at RugAdvice you can find a diverse range of rugs in Port Melbourne.

We have an in-house team to guide you on our rugs in Port Melbourne. Our highly knowledgeable and super-friendly staff provides you with unbiased advice and arranges home trials for you. RugAdvice also provides rug rental and rug washing services for the best maintenance.

We ensure that our rugs will give a visually striking look to your home regardless of the design and colour you choose. We have a team of dedicated flooring experts who have the great product knowledge and are well-versed with the latest home interior trends.

We understand that finding rug suppliers in Port Melbourne can be difficult which is why we are here to help. Our professionally trained experts will cater to your flooring requirements and provide precise solutions according to your budget and expectations. Our rugs are tested for quality and durability to ensure guaranteed results.

Our team curates the best rugs in Port Melbourne to suit your needs and preferences. The rugs are comfortable and highly aesthetic. RugAdvice also provides you with flexible buying options.


Get the finest handmade Persian rugs in Port Melbourne exclusively from RugAdvice. Our rugs are available in a range of designs, patterns, colours and shapes. Our artisans follow 2,000-year-old practices to maintain the rugs.


RugAdvice is a reputable company specialising in a variety of rugs in Port Melbourne. We combine our experience and skills to offer informative resources and products at great prices. We follow a customer-centric approach to fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers across Port Melbourne.

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