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Turkish Rugs in Melbourne (Kayseri Collection)

Kayseri is the third largest city in Central Turkey. Evidence shows that the city of Kayseri was established around 6000 years ago under Hittites rule. Since then, it has been home to different civilizations over centuries and has been shaped by various cultural and political dynamics in the region.

The city is located at the skirts of inactive volcano Mount Erciyes and is neighbor to other cultural capitals like Nevşehir, Adana and Sivas. It is also part of the historical Silk Road which meant that an active trade network took place in the city. The recent history tells us a diverse group of people used to live in the region including but not limited to Avşars (Afshars), Çerkes tribes (Circassians/Adyghe), Armenians, Rums (Greeks) as well as other Turkic tribes.

The unique circumstances of the region creates a rich cultural exchange and it is possible to see this in their handmade goods, tools and writings. The motifs that are repeatedly used in some of the Kayseri Rugs and Kilims are also identified in the ceramics, wood and marble carvings and ornamentation.
Kayseri Rugs and Kilims are well-known for their high quality and beauty all around the world. Bünyan, is a town in Kayseri, which is famous for its silk rugs in “Seccade (Prayer Rug)” and “Saf (Saph)” designs that are made with organic dyes. You can find them here.

Our Kayseri Rugs Collection also features a selection of vintage Kayseri Rugs from the 1960s, that characteristically have muted, earthy tones and minimal design. The vintage Kayseri rugs carry the traces of the cultural evolution of their home region and will add to any interior whether it be modern or oriental

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