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The concept of “home office” becomes a part of our work life. Nowadays, many people in Australia are working from home not only because they are in lockdown but also the advancement of technology makes it possible for people to get their job done from the comfort of their home. It is also a greener option that reduces the carbon-emission rates as it implies reduction of the daily commute for thousands of people.

With the increasing number of people working from home, we now realize the importance of our physical surroundings at home. We don’t really get to choose what is included in our offices, labs, or in other work spaces, as they are “formal work areas”. However, when our homes become our workplace, then yes! We get the opportunity to organize it in a way that will support our health and productivity.

Making your home-office personal plays an important role in keeping your motivations up and making the space more relatable. Reassess your needs and what you actually have in the space. Clean, clear, and redecorate! Decluttered, quiet and a minimal interior that is devoted to work helps you concentrate better.

Office redecoration/make-over doesn’t have to be a big project really; it is more about looking at your space with fresh eyes and seeing what serves your emerging needs and what doesn’t. Identify what gives you inspiration and what drains your energy.

Real Life Interior, Happy Home Office

Featured Rug: Afghan Hand-knotted Wool rug 2×3 m

Add a touch of greenery into your space to make it more appealing while increasing the air quality.  Add wall arts, notice boards to help you stay on top of your job and deadlines.

Add some colors that you like to your home office. Colors has the power to directly and subconsciously affect your mood and spark your creativity.

Your home-office can be a built-in study space, a corner in your living room or your spare room. We highly recommend separating your workspace from your resting space. Setting clear spatial boundaries will give your mind clearer messages and it will set you up for the task at hand.

Add a big statement to your floor with handmade rugs. Rugs are often a good way of adding color and character to the space. Seeing it as a central piece, you can make further changes accordingly. Rugs are best furnishing items for your home office as you can claim it on your tax.

We have selected three of our rugs that we think they could transform your home office and get you into the mood. Take a look at our collection. You can also check our Instagram and Pinterest account to get inspiration.

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