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Mindful shopping and developing mindful consumption habits seem to play a key role in how we can be part of the change in the current climate crisis. Asking questions: Following up where the products that you buy come from, what sort of material is used, whether they are sustainable or not could be a good starting point! Sustainability is a broad topic that can be discussed from multiple viewpoints including workers’ rights, ecological footprint, durability/good quality and finances etc. Here we would like to highlight the role of traditional handmade rugs as environmental-friendly options for home décor.

With the advancement of technology in modern society, we start to see different materials become available to produce goods that we use in our houses. Studies show that humans created 100,000 new materials (fun fact: they are called “novel entities” in the scientific literature) any number of which could interfere with the environment in unknown ways.

We benefit from the time and space-efficient products that help us live up to the high demands of modern life but what are the costs that come with this lifestyle?

The recent disasters of wildfires, extreme floods and heatwaves happening all around the world seem to prove how human activity, especially after the industrial revolution, has been interfering with the forces that keep the planet in balance.

In the world of rugs, we witness an increasing tendency to replace the usage of natural materials like wool with synthetic ones. Unfortunately, these synthetic materials like polyester, polyproline, art silk (artificial silk) and acrylic rugs often fail to reach the quality levels that are present in handwoven wool rugs. There are technical questions to be raised about the production of the artificial materials that are used in the manufacture of the rugs as well as the manufacturing process itself in terms of sustainability, durability and quality.

At another important level, handmade rugs are deeply woven into the cultures that they belong to. They often come with symbolism derived from the culture similar to poetry and they reflect the arts and moral values of the ancient civilizations. When they are included in the household, they do not only cover the floor but bring spirit and culture to the space.

If you are in the market to buy a rug, we highly recommend that you consider buying a handmade wool rug that will last you for years (did you know that they are washable too?!) and are more sustainable for the environment, for the people who make them (villagers who are traditionally trained or skilled artisans who work as professional artisans at famous workshops in rug weaving countries) and for your budget. That way you will be investing your money not in mass-production chains but in a durable ancient form of art that is struggling to survive and has minimal impact on the planet. If you put your money into buying a handwoven rug, in the long run, your rug won’t become a disposal item.

If you look after a hand-knotted rug, it will be a family heirloom that could be passed on to your next generation.

We are here to help you find the rug that fits your needs and to advise you in the most sustainable direction. Let’s keep this amazing craftsmanship going while we transform our lives towards more harmony with the planet!

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