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Looking After Ourselves in the Lockdown Days

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have all gone through different forms of social distancing, isolation and lockdowns. The feelings of rest, boredom, depression, reunification with our beloved ones, growth and fear become more tangible with our lives. Perhaps, nothing ever was predictable but the current global crisis reminds us every day that- today is all we have.

“When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. There’s where your power is.” Karen Salmansohn

As most of us work from home now, we seem to have more time to ourselves since the time dedicated to commuting is not part of the puzzle anymore. So what to do with this extra time that has suddenly emerged?

Here are some tips from us to keep your souls lighter:

We prefer using the term physical distancing, rather than social distancing. Our way of socialising could easily shift into virtual ways.

We understand that seeing only a limited number of people due to restrictions can become unhealthy as we require variety in our social networks. Well, this is when video calls and technology come into the picture to save us. Let’s use technology to connect with our wider community and remember that we are going through this all together.

Taking care of our physical and mental health has never been as important as during these unpredictable times. A lockdown period could also be an opportunity for you to establish a regular exercise routine. It could be as simple as dedicating a certain amount of time for your daily walks or workouts at home! Most practices require discipline and continuity to bring change- this could be difficult to achieve when we do “business as usual”. Introduce some meditation to your daily routine and reduce stress; give yourself a chance to rejuvenate your soul and mind.

Spending more time at home would give you the opportunity to organize some activities that everyone in your household could be part of.

Lockdown cooking has become one of our favourites where we can pour our hearts into a dish and feed our body and soul with healthy food.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a movie night followed by a beautiful shared meal. Or alternatively, organize an arty-crafty day. Exchanging your skills with the people you live with is always fun as connecting with each other in our creativity adds another depth to our connection.

And lastly, make some time for your garden! Your garden needs your attention and the seeds are waiting to be sown, give them your love and attention while you have the time, you won’t regret it, spring is upon us! We would love to have flowers not only on our ever-blooming Persian rugs but also in our gardens.

Invest more time in yourself and get onto those things that you’ve postponed for so long. It is time to read that book you have always wanted to! Enjoy the silence around you, no noise pollution, just you and the book in your nook. Learn something new such as a language, a musical instrument or even just a new recipe for making a cocktail.

Being in an unexpected lockdown, we’re missing out on important gatherings and celebrations. Even though we can’t get together for those important days, they remain important!

One way of supporting each other through these tough times is to show our beloved ones that we think of them, we support them and we remember them. Sending a thoughtful gift is one of the best ways to lift their spirits.

Gift ideas are various! If you visit our website, you will see that we have different options from mini rugs to area rugs, from cushions to stools and kilims in different sizes for different budgets. Our website is open 24/7 with contactless pick-ups and drop-offs as well as complimentary deliveries across Australia. (There’s never been a better time to support your local small businesses by gifting something to a loved one.)

Hang in there Australia! We’ve got this!

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