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Spring Cleaning/ Rug Wash

Spring always comes with refreshing and renewing spirits inviting us to clear out our space from old and heavy energies. When we sync into natural cycles, we benefit from their teachings. What does spring tell us?

It says clean and generate! A deep spring cleaning inevitably involves decluttering and giving away what is now extra. Most people find this process therapeutic as it is a gradual letting go of what we carry in our hearts and make space for what wants to emerge. Forgiving people who we resent and releasing old and repeating stories will pave the way for transformation. Now is the perfect time to work on who you would like to become.

As most of us are aware, spring cleaning has been an important tradition in many cultures. In Middle Eastern cultures, it includes washing all the curtains, cleaning all the corners, wiping out the windows- that we see through the outer world, washing all of the rugs and carpets, and it goes on and on … Until the entire living space is cleaned and refreshed.

Growing up in Iran, we used to wash our rugs in our yard, and it was one of the important jobs as part of spring cleaning. Everyone in the family would participate in washing the rugs. Walking down the street, you would see lots of colorful rugs hanging on the walls to get a nice sun bath.

Beauty and cleanness play an important role in the human psyche. We flourish in an environment that is aesthetically beautiful and created with care and attention. If you already have a handwoven rug, you can start by caring for your rug. Handwoven wool rugs will have a longer lifespan, if they get washed once every year as part of spring cleaning. This will also help freshen up the space.

Welcome this new season with simple spring cleaning and new decoration ideas to freshen up your home. If you’re looking to introduce warmth and color to your home with some rugs or hallway runners, please contact us.

Alternatively, if your existing rugs need professional wash and care please get in touch with us so we can provide you with the best advice.

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