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Stylish Picnics With Picnic Rugs/ Outdoor Rugs

Moving deep into spring in Australia, we all feel the urge to go out more. Spring gives us the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. After staying at home in the cold winter months, we all know how appealing the idea of a picnic is!

Connecting with your beloved ones in the beautiful parks of Australia, make the scene even more beautiful with a handmade Kilim/Jajim as a picnic spread. They will uplift your spirits with their lightness and playfulness. They will add comfort when you’re sitting on the grass and they can easily pair up with stools and cushions for extra comfort.

Wool kilims purely come from nature. They are handmade from 100% natural fabrics; but what is more special than that is their patterns that are truly inspired by nature. By including them in your picnic plans, you will get to enjoy an additional level of cultural richness.

We have selected three of our Kilims Rugs that we think could be a perfect fit for your picnic and get you into the mood to celebrate a great time with your friends and family. Take a look at our Kilim Collection and Woven Accessories for the best collection of Picnic Rugs in Melbourne. You can also check our Instagram and Pinterest account to get inspiration.

Make your picnics happy and cozy with our flat-woven kilims today!

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