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Vintage Over-Dyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs are Vintage Persian and Turkish Rugs that are given a second life through a unique dying process. Overdyeing and recycling of Handmade Vintage Rugs has created an amazing fashion in modern interiors and commercial settings. Vintage over-dyed rugs are often chosen amongst faded, aged or unwanted rugs to extend their lifespan. The process starts with neutralizing of the old colors, continues with re-dying in the new vibrant color and finishes off by rinsing off the excess dye and finally leaving the rug to dry. Result? A rug that still exhibits oriental Persian or Turkish motifs but in unusual colors; that gives her an intriguing modern look. This recycling method has been a savior for some rug-producing regions of Iran and Turkey as their traditional designs seem to lose popularity over years. If you are into sustainable home décor, vintage overdyed rugs could be a perfect addition to your repertoire.

The Vintage Overdyed Rugs (sometimes referred as Transitional Style) are easily furnished and they are great for creating a color balance in any given space. If you already have an abundance of color in your space, you can go with an overdyed rug that has a quiet character and color palette. If you have a muted and more neutral space; however, you might enjoy introducing a splash of color with your rug choice.

The process of re-styling and over-dying a vintage rug can change from one rug to another. In some cases, the pile of the rug gets shaved fully or partially that starts changing the character even before dying. Most of the time the over-dyeing process doesn’t remove the original pattern entirely and leaves an outline for the designer to recreate the rug. Depending on what kind of a look they are after, the designers may choose to repeat the dying process several times or do an ‘’Antique Wash’’ to further fade and distress the original color. For this nature of the vintage overdyed rugs, they each have a unique character that cannot be exactly reproduced.

Only a good quality Persian Rug or Turkish Rug that is made from high quality wool can endure such an over-dyeing process and will give the desired results. By buying an overdyed rug, you’re going to get a classic vintage rug with a contemporary color palette.

The vintage overdyed rugs also present a more affordable option for a “vintage’’ or an ‘’antique’’ looking Persian Rug. They are highly durable and have been in trend for commercial setting in recent years. They are preferred in local stylish boutiques, florists and in offices to personalize the space. Besides all that, you’ll be supporting a sustainable practice that prevents unused rugs from ending up in the landfill.

Transitional Handmade Rugs has created an eye-catching fashion in modern interiors and commercial settings. It is a beautiful repurposing practice that acknowledges the labor and care that went into the making of the rugs. If their post-modern spirit speaks to you, browse our collection here to find YOUR overdyed rug.

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