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Highlights Of The Year 2021

The year 2021 is coming to an end, such a year! This year has been a roller coaster for many of us all around the world including local communities in Melbourne. Being part of this journey, RugAdvice family would like to thank you for your ongoing support and take this opportunity to reflect on the highlights of 2021.

In the early months of the year, we received our latest shipment from Iran. Due to world pandemic it took longer than what was expected for the shipment to arrive, but it was worth waiting. It was very exciting to unpack them one by one. Our collection in Fitzroy North was expanded with the addition of more unique Persian Rugs and Kilims.

A few months later, we had new additions from Turkey to our Vintage Turkish Rugs Collection. We are happy to announce that they have been very much loved by our local customers for their subtle character and muted colors. They cheered up our display for many weeks since then.

We faced multiple lockdowns throughout the year in Victoria. Our showroom was closed however, this was a good opportunity for us to expand our online store as well as to connect with the outer community in Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Tasmania and even some European countries! We couldn’t travel around but our rugs could! We couldn’t see you in person but we reached out to you with our blog posts and social media. We created new inspiring blog posts and educational guides about handmade rugs and kilims. We will continue posting on our blog page in 2022, stay connected!

Lockdowns have also become an opportunity for many people to renovate and re-style their homes. We have become a colorful part of the renovation process in Melbourne houses as handmade Persian Rugs and Kilims are central pieces to a home decor and they make a house more homely.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen an increasing demand for home office ideas as more people started to work from home. We helped them turn their home office into a more productive and enjoyable space. For some ideas check out home office blog post.

Our rug hunting all around the world continued throughout the year and still does. We continually curate and refine our collection to bring you genuine and high quality products. Another exciting aspect of 2021 was expanding our antiques and collectible pieces that included antique rugs, pictorial rugs, antique kilims, salt bags, saddlebags, Persian silk rugs and many more handmade jewels from past decades of human history.

Moving forward, we are going to continue our ethical and sustainable practice by encouraging more natural fabrics and handmade products in the market- that are durable and last-longing. We would like to end this chapter with more exciting news:

Our collection will be further expanded in the new year!

Come and meet us in our gallery in Fitzroy North, if you haven’t already, or contact us here with your enquiries.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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