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In Home Trial- Rug Interior

Today, we’d like to introduce you to our in-home-trial service in Melbourne. We have designed this service to help our Melburnian customers to choose the perfect rug for their homes or businesses more smoothly.

Featured Rugs: Afghan Stripe Modern Rug/ Modern Persian Parvizian Rug

Rug Advice Modern Collection

To make things easier, we suggest that you start with measuring up your space. When you take measurements, pay attention to the position of your furniture and think about how much of a gap you’d like to leave between your rug, the walls and the furniture. Knowing your measurements; now determine your color palette, remember here we are playing with handmade rugs that are festive and colorful- they don’t tend to come in one color. Even though there are exceptions to this in modern collections and in some Afghani Tribal rugs, they will still feature more than one color tone. Think about contrasting and complementary colors for your space and be open-minded. The world of handwoven rugs might surprise you once you dive in.

Now that you have an idea about what might work for you, we would like to invite you to visit our showroom in Fitzroy North or browse our extensive collection online. We will help you find the best options based on your home-décor, measurements and budget.

You might find ‘the one’ right away, but if unsure between a couple of rugs, we can help you further with our in-home-trial service.

Featured Rugs: Persian Minakhani Rug/ Persian Sarouk Rug

RugAdvice Persian Rug Collection

After you choose the rugs that you love, we arrange a time that suits you and bring them over to your place. We help you position them in the space with your existing furniture. You get to see how different sizes, colors and styles look in the actual setting and make the best decision on the spot.

Melbourne is known as Australia’s garden city, and amongst its beautiful parks, there are elegant houses in Melbourne’s suburbs. When you walk around in different suburbs of Melbourne, you come across a variety of houses from heritage listed ones to modern apartments and townhouses. We have been proudly furnishing the homes of families in Melbourne with our exclusive collection whether it be a terrace house, new build townhouse, renovated house or a modern apartment.

Here we are trialing different style of rugs in terms of design, age and colors to see how they change the ambiance in a renovated terrace in an inner suburb of Melbourne with custom made furniture.

Featured Rugs: Persian Sarouk Rug/ Turkish Oushak Rug

RugAdvice Persian Rug Collection

This is a beautiful renovated apartment in Melbourne- Here we are trialing an Afghan Rug and a Tribal Persian rug to see which style complements this interior the best. Home trial service is also good for determining the best size as you can see in the photos below, every piece fits in differently with the furniture due to their unique size.

Featured Rugs: Afghan Rug/ Persian Tribal Rug

RugAdvice Persian Rug Collection

If you need assistance in choosing the perfect rug for your house or business, get in touch with our experienced team and book a home trial.



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