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Masterpiece Sarouk Rug with Calligraphy 3.95 x 2.75 m


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Delightful Sarouk Rug featuring Persian garden, accompanied with ornate Farsi calligraphy in the border. This magnificent rug is hand knotted by skilled artisans and could enhance any interior with its beauty.

The featured rug is handmade by skilled artisans in the city of Sarouk in Iran. This genuine Persian rug is made from pure wool. The intricacy of the design and fine weave shows the exceptional skills of craftsmanship. The beautiful field is decorated with tiles that has detailed botanic elements. The borders create a gorgeous frame around the field which is adorned by poem of Hafez “Well- known Persian Poet”. The color palette is admirable consisting of the color of soil, sky and beautiful garden that is balanced with ivory tones to bring out the design more. She has full soft pile and fringes on both ends.

This exceptional piece will bring elegance and history to your space.

  • Authentic Hand Knotted Rug from Sarouk – Iran Circa 1940-50
  • Made from Pure Wool on Cotton Foundation
  • Unique Design with Calligraphy
  • Fine and Intricate
  • She Measures 3.95 x 2.75 m
  • Has Fringes on Both Sides
  • One of a Kind

Please request a Home Trial to view this beautiful piece in your own space if you reside in Melbourne.

This handwoven piece requires maintenance in order to last long. Please check our Handwoven Rug Care Instructions.


Fine & Masterpiece


3 x 4 m

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