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Handmade Persian rugs in exquisite designs, intricate patterns and the highest quality of craftsmanship is what you can expect from the leading rug store in Melbourne and handmade rugs online store in Melbourne – RugAdvice. We are third-generational rug suppliers sourcing directly from the traditional artisans who keep this ancient art of hand-knotted wool rugs alive. All our handmade rugs are ethically produced and sourced and are made mostly from organic dyes, thus they are sustainable products.

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All of our handmade Persian rugs in Melbourne are one of a kind, and by buying our meticulous selection of authentic wool rugs, you’ve become a part of sustaining this 2000-year-old artistry involving traditional techniques and dying methods and nurturing artisans the world over.

Our handmade rugs in Melbourne are extremely durable and can last a lifetime or even more. You’ll be making a sound investment in woven art that accrues in value over the years, and your handmade Persian rug could become vintage and then antique as the decades pass by.

Exquisite Handmade Persian Rugs online at Great Prices

At RugAdvice, we offer all our handmade rugs online and in store at the best prices, as we directly import them from the artisans and local suppliers in Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey.

Our goal at RugAdvice is to be the one-stop shop for all things: We have a wide range of Persian handmade rugs as well as Turkish and Afghani rugs. Our range would serve rug collectors and people who are looking for a sustainable and durable rug for their homes and work spaces. There is a renewed interest in traditional artistry. Its revival makes handmade Persian rugs a favorite amongst new-age interior designers and clients who wish to infuse their homes with character, comfort and charm.

We wish to offer the best from the world of oriental rugs online and in-store in Melbourne. In our efforts to do so, we provide free shipping Australia-wide and provide at-home trials for our Melburnian customers for any handmade Persian rugs they choose. We believe the rugs choose their people, as much as the people choose their rugs.

Our services include exclusive repair and restoration services for all traditional handmade Persian rugs and handmade rugs bought online. Besides, we offer traditional rug wash services in Melbourne that involves using organic detergents and done-by-hand wash that maintain the coloring and structural integrity of the fibers.

We invite you to our Fitzroy rug store in Melbourne to tour and experience the richness of handmade Persian rugs in person. Furthermore, we have a vast online gallery for handmade rugs online to shop from the convenience of your home.

If you would like to buy a handmade rug for your home or business please get in touch with our team at info@rugadvice.com.au.