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Handmade Rugs Online in Melbourne

Need handmade rugs for your home, office, museum or showroom? RugAdvice has the finest collection of handmade natural dye rugs of different styles and colours. These rugs are coloured with 100% organic dyes which don’t come off even after years of use and regular washing.

Our vintage handmade Persian rugs are a perfect combination of modern and classic styles. With fringes on both sides, these rugs are highly aesthetic and functional. RugAdvice specialises in sustainable home décor by managing the practices adopted during manufacture as well as supply. The rugs are environmentally friendly and their carbon impact is minimal.

RugAdvice’s natural dye rugs are highly durable and last for decades without any sort of wear and tear. Since they are not made with adhesives – unlike machine-made rugs – they are less vulnerable to decay. Although they require proper maintenance, our team is here to guide you regarding rug care instructions.

Made of pure wool and vegetable dyes, these rugs are the best items you can add to your collection. Our sustainable home décor range is available in a wide range of sizes. These handmade rugs add a luxurious feel to plain and bland environments. Explore the entire range on our website now.

Exclusive Handmade Rug Offerings for Art Lovers

We have a huge collection of handmade natural dye rugs which we keep updating. Our styles are highly trendy and in line with the latest fashion. One of our most popular rug styles is the ‘Abrash’. In this style, different batches of organic dyes and wool result in colour changes and stripes of different tones (of the same colour). These regal-looking rugs are ideal for the most artistic spaces in your house or commercial setup.

Our sustainable home décor range allows you to pick different styles for different rooms or spaces. With rich natural fibres such as wool, silk, cotton and linen, these rugs are resistant to wear and tear. They help reduce surrounding noise levels to give you a healthy environment.

RugAdvice’s handmade natural dye rugs are also safe for children due to their cushioning effect. Thanks to their strength, they protect your floors from scratches and other damage. They also reduce allergies and help in maintaining good health. We take great care of our weavers who hand-knot these rugs.

Our sustainable home décor range is also effective in soundproofing. This feature makes it ideal for recording studios and noisy apartments. Our rugs become such an integral part of your life that they define your identity. Choose RugAdvice’s hand-knotted rugs for ultimate comfort.

Buy Natural Dye Rugs from Experts

RugAdvice’s expertise in handmade natural dye rugs is unparalleled. We encourage fine, antique and tribal rugs – and this has turned out to be our strength. Our designs are reminiscent of rich cultures and are curated by the most experienced members of our team.

Open seven days a week, our store has the friendliest staff to help you buy handmade rugs you will absolutely love. Contact us today to know more about our amazing range of sustainable home décor.