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Persian Gabbeh Pomegranate Tree 2.26 X 1.5 m


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Unique Persian Rizbaf Gabbeh – Pomegranate Tree

Persian Gabbeh rugs are authentic handwoven rugs made by tribal people of Fars Province of Persia. Being made from Hand Spun Wool and coarser knots, Gabbeh is an extremely thicker version of a Persian Rug.

The featured Rizbaf/Fine Gabbeh rug is made by Qashqai Tribe in Persia. Centuries old tradition stands behind this design as pomegranate tree is commonly used as symbol of abundance in Persian Culture. On the field, an intricately woven pomegranate tree is depicted on undyed wool color. The gorgeous color scheme comes from natural dyes and involves forest & grass green for the leaves, grey & brown tones for the trunk and rich red tones to bring out the pomegranates.

This unique Rizbaf Gabbeh rug will be an ideal addition to any interiors varying from bedrooms to living rooms or offices.

Please note this fine Gabbeh is called Rizbaf due to dense knots and fine weave of it.

  • Handwoven Qashqai Rizbaf Gabbeh Made in Shiraz, Persia
  • Pure Wool on Cotton Foundation
  • Unique Pomegranate Tree Design
  • She Measures 2.26 x 1.5 m
  • Vegetable Dyes
  • Thick and Solid
  • One of a Kind

Please request a Home Trial to view this beautiful piece in your own space if you reside in Melbourne.

This handwoven piece requires maintenance in order to last long. Please check our Handwoven Rug Care Instructions.


Gabbeh Rugs, Modern & Transitional


2 x 1.5 m

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