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Home Decorating with Kilim Rugs

Have you considered introducing Kilim Rugs into your interior? If you’re residing in Australia, you might wonder where to find quality Kilim Rugs in Australia.

Here is a simple guide for decorating with kilim rugs, whether they are modern designs or a Vintage Kilim Rug that resonates with your style.

Kilims are flatweave floor rugs with unique character. The art of Kilim weaving is a naïve art form as kilim weavers freely express their feelings through the entire weaving process. In Australia, the popularity of Kilim Rugs is growing steadily. You will admire kilims every day in your living space once you introduce them to your interior design.

Flatwoven kilim rugs can serve multiple purposes — be it as a floor rug, a cover for your couch, a bedspread, cushion covers, or even as artistic wall-hangings. Here in Australia, Kilim Rugs can perfectly complement the diverse interior styles found in our homes. You can choose to go for a kilim that will be the main statement in your room or a smaller, more subtle piece to bring in history and style. Decorating with kilim rugs is often joyful and fun.

                                 Living room décor is finished by a Kilim Rug as a big statement.
                                         Kilim rugs can complement different interiors.

The living room is where we spend a lot of quality time with the rest of the family. That’s why the vibe of the living room is of great importance, so everyone can feel right at home. Kilim patterns, often geometric or stripy, can beautifully complement modern interiors. However, if you’re seeking a more traditional look, the world of kilims, including Vintage Kilim Rugs, will provide you many traditional options as well.

Kilims are easy to clean and move around, making them perfect choices if you have pets or small kids playing on the ground. When you’re browsing for Kilim Rugs in Australia, trust your inner feelings. If you connect with a kilim rug from the first look, that means that particular kilim speaks to your soul. You can’t go wrong from there.

For similar practical reasons, kilims are also suitable choices to use under a dining table or in your kitchen without compromising beauty. Because they don’t have a full pile, they don’t collect dust and hair easily. They are made from natural fabrics with organic dyes; therefore, they can be spot cleaned. Plus, most kilims are reversible, meaning you can always flip them over to their backside!

Would you like to add a splash of color to your resting space? Kilim rugs come in a variety of colors. Whether you opt for vibrant hues for the nursery, kids’ rooms, or more earthy tones and pastel colors for a calm bedroom, the choices are endless. If you are a fan of the vintage look, there are stunning Vintage Kilim Rug pieces in our collection to suit your needs.

If you’d like to style your workplace without it being overly formal, Kilim Rugs in Australia are often a great way to go. Whether in an office, a waiting room in a physio clinic, or a boutique, your kilim will communicate with your clients even before you do. Kilims are highly decorative; a small one thrown onto your desk can change the whole feeling of the space.

Kilims are generally more affordable, as they tend to take less time to produce. If you’ve been wanting to buy your first authentic, handmade rug on a tight budget, Kilim Rugs might be your gateway to the amazing world of rugs.

Browse our curated Kilim Collection online or in-store for the best quality Kilim Rugs in Melbourne, and don’t forget to check our special selection if you’re looking for Vintage Kilim Rugs in Australia!

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