Finest Collection of Oriental Rugs in Melbourne

Oriental rugs in Melbourne add vibrant colour and culture to any space they are laid out on. Exceptional artistry, hand-woven/hand-knotted intricate designs, and mostly natural dyes-based oriental rugs come from the Oriental rug waving centers around the world. Traditional Persian, Turkish and Afghan rugs can be considered the finest of oriental rugs online and floor rugs melbourne. At Rug Advice, we have an enviable collection of meticulously curated oriental rugs in Melbourne.

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Imbued with history, culture and tradition, oriental rugs in Melbourne make for exceptional decor items in addition to being good investments that add value over the years.

At Rug Advice, we are a third-generational rug specialist importing directly from the shops in Tabriz, Tehran and other central rug places for bringing the choicest oriental rugs to discerning Melburnians. So whether you are searching for wool rugs melbourne and oriental rugs online to adorn your living room space or office, we assure you of the best collection and honest prices at our leading rug store in Melbourne.

Wide Spectrum of Oriental Rugs Online

Oriental rugs online come in various colours, designs, sizes, made by traditional artisans, skillful artists and village or tribal folk. They are steeped in nostalgia and have the most tightly put together hand-knotted rugs that tell stories of the life and times of the people who weave it. Through our oriental rugs online gallery, you can find exhaustive choices of weaves, designs, patterns and colours, that you’ll be left completely spoilt for choices.

It could be overwhelming to choose, and that is why we provide free at-house trials so you can ascertain for sure that your choice best fits your home or office. Beyond being handmade persian rugs and oriental rugs online specialist, we also offer after-sales support through detailed traditional rug wash in Melbourne and also undertake repair and restoration work for your oriental rug in Melbourne, so its value accrues over the years by giving it the appropriate care and maintenance it deserves.

Please browse through our vast oriental rug online gallery in Melbourne. Alternately, you can visit our store in Melbourne to experience our vast collection of oriental rugs in Melbourne personally.

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  • What is the difference between Persian and Oriental rugs?
  • Oriental rugs find their origins in the rug belt that goes through Asia and the Middle East, including Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, India, China and Pakistan). Since Persian rugs are also primarily from Iran, the former Persia also belong to the oriental rug family. Experts say that Persian rugs are the finest of all oriental rugs.