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Kilim Rugs in Melbourne

Whether you know much about handwoven rugs or not, you must have heard about Kilim Rugs. Especially if you’re located in Australia, you may have heard about the rising popularity of Kilim Rugs in Australia. The word “Kilim” originates from the old Turkish language, referring to flatwoven handmade rugs traditionally produced in various regions like Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Africa, the Caucasus, the Balkans, and Central Asia for centuries.

Flatweave Kilim rug is an important part of Turkish/Anatolian cultural heritage. Traditionally, kilim rugs were used by households as prayer rugs or floor spreads. Nowadays, they are an integral part of home interiors globally, including Australia. Vintage Kilim Rug options are also gaining traction among those looking for an authentic touch. Kilim Rugs are lighter in soul and weight, making them highly versatile! They come in various designs and color schemes, and their unique characteristics make them highly demanded in the decoration of modern spaces.

Kilims are generally made using natural fibers like wool, cotton, and silk. There are also kilims made from camel, goat, or horse hair. However, wool is the primary material in kilim making due to its abundance and strength. It also absorbs dyes more effortlessly. Wool on wool and wool on cotton foundations are common. Cotton is used for warps due to its strength and fineness, helping maintain the kilim’s structure beautifully. If you’re interested in luxurious options, silk kilims are rarer but just as captivating. If you’re in Australia and you’re looking for these exotic variations, you can find a wide range of Kilim Rugs in Australia, particularly in Melbourne.

                                                                   Antique Persian Kilim

When you examine a kilim rug closely, you’ll notice its flat surface with no pile. They are handwoven tightly on a loom, creating a flat surface unlike piled hand-knotted rugs. The slit-weave technique brings out their geometric designs by leaving gaps between two blocks of colors. Kilims are mainly woven by village or nomadic women artisans, and young girls in the family are expected to master the art of kilim weaving.

Each region has its unique style and technique in kilim making. For example, Kurdish Senneh Kilims differ from Sirjan Kilims. Each kilim rug is a tapestry of love, pride, and symbols representing family traditions and tribal identity, often woven by brides-to-be who express their feelings through their work. These artisans sometimes draw inspiration from nature and their surroundings, giving kilims a distinct character compared to other types of rugs.

Kilim Rugs can easily transition from one room to another to change the ambiance. They can be used in entrances or hallways to brighten the space, or even serve as perfect picnic rugs. This versatility makes Kilim Rugs in Australia an excellent choice for any home décor, whether classical, country house, modern, Scandinavian, Western, or Eastern. It’s hard to go wrong with kilims, making them fantastic gift options as well!

Tribal Shiraz Kilim
Vintage Persian Kilim

In Rug Advice, we carefully curate our collection to provide our customers with a wide range of designs that fit every interior and budget.

In Rug Advice we carefully pick our Kilims to provide our customers with a wide range of designs that will fit in every interior and budget.

If you’re looking to explore more, visit our Decorating with Kilim Rugs. For those in Melbourne, browse our Kilim Collection for the best Kilim Rugs in Australia

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